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New Comedy

The Admirable Crichton

Adapted by Heather Lynn

COMEDY. When Lord Loam and his family are shipwrecked on a deserted island, English class divisions are turned upside down! Crichton, the butler, is the only one with any practical knowledge, and it doesn’t take long before he becomes the island's leader and is referred to as “The Gov.” On the other hand, Lord Loam and his family assume the roles of jolly laborers. But when the castaways are finally rescued, will the island's class divisions be maintained or will Crichton assume his position as butler on that other island…England?  Witty, smart, and hilarious, the laughs never end in this side-splitting comedy!


New Farce

The Pie Piper of Hambaloney

By Murray J. Rivette

FARCEThe City of Hambaloney has lots and lots of rats.  But because the city council voted to give themselves raises last year, the city coffers are empty.  Desperate to rid the city of rats, a city council member contacts a weird flute-playing guy, the Pie Piper, who is willing to drive the rats away with his horrendous flute music if he can be paid with pies. But when all the town bakers leave for a pie convention and there are no pies anywhere, the Pie Piper lures all the children away.  The only problem is that the citizens of Hambaloney aren’t sure if they want their kids back! 


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License Artwork!

License your play's full-color artwork!  You will receive a JPEG or TIFF file of the artwork via email and receive unlimited rights for promotional purposes.  The artwork is the same as the play's cover and is full-sized so you can size it for your needs.  $30